Dance Concert Announcement

The Raven Dancers will be putting on a Dance Concert on Saturday, 7 March 2015, at 7:00 PM. The event is sponsored by the Wash Park Center for Music & Arts.

Our performance will be a mix of Traditional and Modern Dances, Stories, and Music.
We will be featuring well-known Native American Flute players Bear Limvere and David Bell.
Our stories will include one of the Navajo First Family stories called “Coyote And The Stars”, and a traditional Lakota-style story called “Little Mouse Counting Coup!”
We will be featuring dancers from across the Denver Metro area.

The concert will be held at Wash Park UCC 400 S. Williams St. Denver 80209.


The Wash Park CMA is an arts outreach mission of the Wash Park UCC church. The CMA’s mission is to make music and the arts accessible to all…one of the ways this is lived out is by providing music and arts events on a by donation basis so that money is never a reason why members of our community to not get to experience live music and arts events.

For more info, check out our Facebook page for the event:

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