Cub Scout Arrow Of Light

The Raven Dancers perform Arrow Of Light ceremonies for lots of Cub Packs each year. Our Arrow of Light ceremonies talk about the parallels between Native American tradition and Scouting, and include dance, drumming, and traditional flute music. Below is a synopsis of our Webelos ceremony for your information. We are fairly flexible as far as trying to include things the pack wants done.

Requirements for Arrow of Light ceremonies are the same as listed on our Performance Information page, although the required space can be a bit less.

Arrow of Light Synopsis

This is a brief overview of the order of events for the “standard” Arrow of Light Ceremony as presented by The Raven Dancers. It is intended as a guideline for planning purposes.


The pack should prepare a list of the boys that will be recognized, and all awards and items to be presented should be organized so they can all be presented to each boy as they go through the ceremony. A member of The Raven Dancers will meet with the Cubmaster or Webelos leader before the pack meeting starts to coordinate these items.

If youth are crossing over to Scouts, please have a list of the troop(s) the boys will be going to.

Note: During all except the dances, there will be flute background music.

  1. The ceremony starts with offstage narration with NA Flute background.
  2. The Raven Dancers perform a Grand Entry followed by an exhibition dance.
  3. Narration continues correlating Cub Scouting to NA traditions.
  4. The Raven Dancers perform the Sash Dance.
  5. Optional “Group Challenge” such as the burning neckerchief, done by the pack. The Ravens will introduce, but this must be prepared and performed by Pack.
  6. For each youth, one at a time:
    1. The Cubmaster or Webelos leader calls the youth’s name.
    2. The youth and parent(s) stand.
    3. Members of the Raven Dancers escort the youth and parents separately towards the front.
    4. If pack is presenting “flaming arrows”, this should be done here.
    5. The Pack presents whatever awards are appropriate.
    6. The youth and parents are led to the side.
    7. Repeat for each youth…!
  7. If the Raven Dancers are doing the crossover portion, it happens here. Each troop receives the youth one at a time and perform appropriate actions, such as removal of the Cub neckerchief and replacement by a Troop version.
  8. The Raven Dancers narrator continues with final thoughts.
  9. The Raven Dancers dance a short exhibition song and dance out.
  10. The Pack leadership resumes control of the meeting.

Note: The Raven Dancers do not provide any awards, arrows, or special effects. All such items are to be supplied by the Cub Scout Pack.

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