Raven Dancers will be in the Denver St Patrick’s Day Parade!

The Raven Dancers will be dancing in the parade again this year! It will be out 27th appearance in the Denver St Pat’s Parade. This year the parade will be on Saturday, 15th March 2014. We welcome all Native America dancers to dance with us this year. Please contact Bear if you want more details!

Learned a lot about Grass Dance

Had a great time last night listening to Kenny Little talk about Grass Dance. Didn’t know that he had been a Grass Dancer, and his dad was a well-known champion Grass Dancer. The kids (and adults) got to watch Robert IronShield show us some great dancing. Looking forward to more great songs and dancing next week!

Grass Dance Classes start tonight!

Grass Dance lessons with Robert Ironshield start this Wednesday, 5 FEB 2014! Come and learn the steps and history. Bring a friend! Bring your crafts your Moccs your singing voice. Just bring it!

Black Tongue Dakota will be helping with the singing!

Need help or advice for your regalia? Want to learn different traditions? Curious?

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and learn so like and share. Bring a friend!

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church, 3885 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 7:30 PM

Teaching Native American dance, music, and culture since 1986.